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Timberland: Doing the Right Thing

On the same day I posted the blog on “Deforestation and Your Supply Chain”, Earthkeepers posted a statement from Jeffrey Swartz, Timberland’s CEO in an Update From the Amazon. The deforestation referred to by Greenpeace is caused by cattle ranchers who cut down the rain forest to raise livestock primarily for food. Less than 10% of the proceeds of the cow are for the leather sold as raw materials to suppliers who turn the hides into products such as footwear.

Deforestation and Your Supply Chain

Nearly 20 percent of global warming causing emissions are from forest destruction, more climate pollution than all the world’s cars, trucks, trains, planes, and ships combined.

Technical vs. Organizational Sustainability Approaches

Conventional Approaches to Sustainability

When organizations consider sustainability, the emphasis is often on environmental aspects and technical expertise. These initiatives could be to measure the carbon footprint, design a LEED certified building, implement energy efficient systems, green the manufacturing process, enhance technology for patient care or prepare sustainability reports.

How to Make Money and Save the World

This is the subtitle of Gary Hirshberg’s book “Stirring it Up". Hirshberg, the “CE-Yo” of Stonyfield Farm, believes that the company’s environmental and sustainability mission is in their “DNA”.

How can we....?

Several days ago the Wall Street Journal Article “It’s Peterson vs. Climate Bill” stated that Representative Collin Peterson, Minnesota Democrat, chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, “scoffs at warnings about climate change” and wants to slow related legislation.

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