Learning & Inspiration

A week ago I received a M.S. in Positive Organization Development (MPOD) from Case Western Reserve University. This was about much more than the degree – it was a truly life-changing experience that has brought so much meaning to me personally and professionally.

I sent a message to my professors to thank them and to announce the launch of Strategic Imperatives that said in part “My experience at MPOD has had a profound impact on my life. I had been looking for a way to “do well by doing good”. Each of you and the experiences your teaching provided helped me to put together the vision of what I wanted to do in my work. The work we did on sustainability, leadership, Appreciative Inquiry, strategy…..and more will play an important role in this new venture. You have chosen to teach, and in doing so are able to touch many lives. I am grateful that my life was one of them….”

Learning and inspiration came from so many sources, such as these world-class professors at CWRU– David Cooperrider, Ron Fry, Richard Boyatzis, Chris Laszlo, Harlow Cohen, David & Alice Kolb and Ante Glavas and our wonderful hosts during our international residency at Ashridge University in the UK and the University of Leuven in Belgium.

Learning and inspiration came from my classmates, a diverse collection of incredible individuals, about 30% of whom traveled in from other countries to participate in this prestigious program.

Learning and inspiration came from many others as I conducted research – clients, corporate leaders, social entrepreneurs and those with a passion for this work from organizations such as UPS, GA Pacific, Interface Americas, Honest Teas, Stop & Shop Supermarkets, Philips-Van Heusen, Mission Grounds, Gentiva Health Services, Lube Stop, The Ron Clark Academy, Second Nature, SOL and more…..

Learning and inspiration will continue to be part of my life and my work.

Consider your work and your life – are you continuously learning? Are you inspired by what you are doing? If not, what changes can you make?


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