Sustainability Leadership Series Launches

Have you integrated sustainability into the organization’s strategy? Do you have a culture characterized by innovation, engagement, responsibility and leadership? Sustainability is believed to be the greatest business opportunity of our time. Early adopters of sustainable development are changing the rules of the game in business, education and communities. Examples are scattered across this website and in our blogs.

Strategic Imperatives and GreenBusiness WORKS are pleased to announce the launch of a Sustainability Leadership Series. This unique learning experience uses a whole system approach for understanding the technical aspects of sustainability as well as how to build leadership and organizational capabilities needed to turn strategy into reality. Our TOTAL approach includes:

TECHNICAL aspects such as carbon footprinting, Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), Cradle-to-Cradle design, green building, conservation, alternative energy options, waste reduction, recycling and how to green your supply/value chain.

ORGANIZATIONAL factors such as how to create a culture of innovation, engagement and empowerment to build the capacity needed to make sustainability part of the fabric of the organization.

TOOLS models and approaches are introduced to assess needs, surface possibilities, take action and measure results.

ACTION learning is used to build knowledge, skills, and capabilities needed to transfer information, models and best practices into reality right away.

LEADERSHIP competencies important to successfully lead sustainability initiatives and influence others are introduced and incorporated into each participant’s goals.

Participants will come together for seven full-day sessions scheduled about a month apart to learn from subject matter experts, case studies, and interactive activities. Registration to the GreenBusiness WORKS EXPO is also included and a part of the course curriculum. Visit the GreenBusiness WORKS website for additional information about the program and to register. Take advantage of early bird rates in effect or other discounts that may apply.

This first series is being held in the Atlanta area. Contact Diana Rivenburgh for information about conducting a program in your region or to arrange for customized workshops, speaking and consulting engagements.


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