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Just a few of the reviews on The New Corporate Facts of Life:

"True leaders... need to embrace it {change}."

“Constant change is the new normal, and the 21st century business environment requires a new level of flexibility. True leaders can’t opt out of adapting and responding to change, they need to embrace it. ‘The New Corporate Facts of Life’ clearly lays out the demands of this new world and how to take advantage of the opportunities it provides.” 

John Brock

Chairman & CEO, Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc.

"Lashings of practical common sense..."

"A solid, tried and tested framework for corporate sustainability; inspiring case studies, that get right to the heart of what makes for success in this challenging world; and lashings of practical common sense: that’s what you get with Diana Rivenburgh and her book, The New Corporate Facts of Life."

Sir Jonathon Porritt

Co-Founder, Forum for the Future

"Diana demonstrates... how to create an environment that fosters a culture..."

“As leaders begin to rethink how they define ‘value’ at their organization, it’s critical to build a culture that embraces change, encourages debate, and engages a broad group of stakeholders. Diana demonstrates not only why these new skills are important, but also how to create an environment that fosters a culture that uses them to create a competitive advantage.”

Pamela Kimmet

Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc.

"This Book Deserves to Be On Every CEO's Desk..."

“The New Corporate Facts of Life takes us on a whirlwind tour of what leading companies are doing – and why – to compete in today’s complex, collaborative, innovation-driven marketplace. With vivid examples woven into an autobiographical narrative of discovery, it shows how environmental and social issues have become critical to business success in every sector. This book deserves to be on every CEO desk as a reminder that doing good for society is no longer driven only by regulatory or ethical considerations; it’s about doing even better for customers and shareholders. It’s about a smarter way to do business, a fact of corporate life this book brilliantly exposes.”

Chris Laszlo

PhD Associate Professor, Case Western Reserve University Author, "Flourishing Enterprise" (2014 Stanford University Press)

"Most useful, thorough guides to this {sustainability} I have seen..."

"As the head of sustainability for a major corporation, I have read many books on building a sustainable company.  Rivenburgh's book is one of the most useful, thorough guides to this that I have seen.  I strongly recommend this book to colleagues, those beginning the sustainable business journey, and students of sustainable business."  Click here to see the full review

Michael K. Kobori

Vice-President, Supply Chain Social and Environmental Sustainability, Levi Strauss & Co.

"This is a book of practical practice, not mythological ideals..."

"Her book is full of real stories about real people that faced real challenges... and succeeded.  This is a book of practical practice, not mythological ideals.  Each inspirational and instructional chapter concludes with a simple checklist wherein one can discover quite quickly where his or her own organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats lie."  Click here to see the full review

Michael E. Chang

Deputy Director, Brook Byers Institute for Sustainable Systems, Georgia Tech

"Addresses the forces that are changing business..."

Diana Rivenburgh's book was recently used by Jorge Fernandez, Vice President of Global Commerce, Metro Atlanta Chamber, to lead a course at China Jiliang University. Fernandez describes the book as one that "addresses the forces that are changing business and education as well as our communities."

Jorge Fernandez

VP of Global Commerce Metro Atlanta Chamber

"Open your eyes to the future of business..."

"In the book, Ms. Rivenburgh makes a compelling case for either adapting to the NCFOL or accepting that your organization will fall behind. It will open your eyes to the future of business."  Click here to see the full review

John Chancellor

Mentor Coach, Strategic Growth Mentors

"Easy, enjoyable book to read..."

"The New Corporate Facts of Life highlights the emerging business model that businesses can develop innovative solutions to society's problems while increasing their profits.  This was an easy, enjoyable book to read and the author created stories to tell the tales of these leading companies and how they changed their business models to embrace the new corporate facts of life!" Click here to see the full review

Paula Wenger

PM World Journal

Presents a bulleted, action-item list on global business "to-do's"

"We all know that the global business environment is changing, technology is evolving, we must be agile and social, and so on.  But sometimes we may think, "A bulleted list of what's changing and how it affects my company, and some action items on how to deal with these changes, would be nice."  This is exactly what Rivenburgh presents to her readers."

Ben Locwin

T+D Training and Development

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