Aug 14 2012
Atlanta, GA

Creating a Culture for Sustainable Success

Aug 14 2012
Atlanta, GA

Diana Rivenburgh leads this this highly interactive program, which provides participants with the three keys to culture transformation for sustainable success:  LEAD – ENGAGE – ALIGN.

This highly interactive program provides participants the three keys to culture transformation for sustainable success:

Diana Rivenburgh combines research and business examples to clearly show how companies strong in engagement, collaboration, strategic direction, capacity to execute, organizational learning and customer focus outperform others in all key business measures: sales growth, profitability, productivity, innovation, employee retention and customer loyalty.

Key Takeaways:

  • The factors that form and influence their business culture
  • How culture impacts their business results
  • How to apply the three keys to culture transformation – Lead, Engage & Align
  • What they can do immediately to build a culture of sustainable success

Rivenburgh breaks the highly complex topic of culture transformation into actionable steps that each leader can implement today. Whereas others present the business case for culture, she goes further to help each member identify the strengths and opportunities within their own company’s culture, how these impact their business, and what they can do to foster a culture for sustainable success