Serenbe: Sustainable Community Living

I’m excited about participating as a delegate in the Prince of Wales’ Business and Sustainability Program being held this week outside of Atlanta.  As I drive to The Inn at Serenbe, I’m struck by how perfect this location is for this event.  Designed based on the values of environmental responsibility and traditional values, Serenbe is a charming, peaceful community located less than an hour from Atlanta’s airport.  Serenbe’s master plan requires that 80% of its nearly 1,000 acres remain as green space.  All homes are built to the standard of EarthCraft House guidelines and include energy-efficiency, water conservation and resource-efficient building materials and systems resulting in lower utility bills, healthier homes and increased resale value.  The community was designed to minimally disturb the natural landscape. Homes are within walking distance to shops, restaurants, an organic farm, an equestrian center and miles of trails. Outdoor lighting regulations call for “clear, starry skies.”  Native plants and organic landscaping spread greenery without lawns and chemicals.  Instead of a traditional sewer system, Serenbe uses a biological wastewater treatment system that conserves water and is the first of its kind in Georgia.  The system created cleaner water reclaimed using less energy, less management by the operators and significantly lower water bills.  Homeowners place their trash, recycling and compost in their home’s outdoor underground trashcan, where a “garbage valet” takes it and sorts it.  All compost is then used by Serenbe Farms. 

As I write this, I am sitting in “The Blue Eyed Daisy,” a bakeshop serving delicious local, organic food and having the distinction of being the smallest Silver LEED certified building in the country.  Far from being a place for the “granola” crowd, many Atlanta area executives and business people call this tranquil peace of heave home.  Serenbe is a model of how a community can be designed to be environmentally sustainable, organically healthy and spiritually and aesthetically interesting.  Visit their website at or better yet, visit Serenbe and have lunch at the Blue Eyed Daisy.


Christopher J. Sequeira said:

I heard about Serenbe from a friend a few months ago and checked out their website. Looks like a fabulous place with good business models. No pictures from your visit there?? :-)

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