The New Corporate Facts of Life


Rethink Your Business to Transform Today's Challenges into Tomorrow's Profits

By Diana Rivenburgh

Published by AMACOM

It takes extraordinary vision to see around the bend in an uncertain world where change happens at such breakneck speed. To obtain such vision, smart leaders first recognize seven powerful new corporate facts of life that are rendering the old rules of organizational life obsolete:


Disruptive Innovation:  Discoveries emerge at the speed of imagination.

Economic Instability:  Financial uncertainty goes viral around the world.

Societal Upheaval:  Worldwide activism takes down countries and companies.

Stakeholder Power:  People vote with their wallets and protest with technology.

Environmental Degradation:  Resource demand and climate threaten all sectors.

Globalization:  Businesses reach globally yet connect locally.

Population Shifts:  Overpopulation, urbanization and Gen X workers change the game.

In The New Corporate Facts of Life, transformational change consultant Diana Rivenburgh shows business leaders how to seize and profit from the opportunities born every day in this new era of catalytic change. This book goes beyond presenting the case for embracing the new corporate facts of life by arming readers with practical models and tools. It shows readers exactly how they can redefine key aspects of their organizations and industries in just the right way: perspectives, vision, strategy, culture, leadership, engagement and resilience. 

About the Author

Diana Rivenburgh is the CEO and President of Strategic Imperatives, Inc., a global strategy, leadership and organizational consulting firm helping clients create sustainable, profitable competitive advantage. Diana consults, speaks and writes on strategy, culture, sustainability, change and the leadership capabilities important for enduring success. 


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