Strategic Alliances & Partners

In addition to our consulting resources, Strategic Imperatives extends its reach through networks and strategic relationships with some of the best minds in the business, consulting, education and societal change worlds.  Alliances across the world allow us to bring greater value and a global perspective to our international clients.  Subject matter experts provide technical information on environmental, societal and economic issues.  Implementation resources are also available for large-scale initiatives.



Agamie accelerates small and medium businesses and non-profit customers in the creation of strategy design and execution to drive sustainable value.  Its services and solutions are enabled by a platform of thought leadership and proven management framework that rapidly covert customer's concepts into sustainable value.


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Appreciative Inquiry Consulting

AI Consulting, LLC offers a collaborative, strength-based approach to strategic change and transformation utilizing Appreciative Inquiry (AI) and related methodologies.  AI Consulting has the greatest concentration of AI expertise with consultants that span the globe including the thought leaders, authors, and founders of AI.  Diana Rivenburgh serves as a member of the Appreciative Inquiry Global Council. 


Blue Key Partners

Blue Key Partners provides leadership assessment, development and coaching as well as expert instructional design and learning project management services.


Partnership for a Sustainable Georgia

Strategic Imperatives is a Champion member of the Partnership for a Sustainable Georgia.  An initiative through Georgia’s Department of Natural Resources Sustainability Division the Partnership encourages environmental leadership and recognizes superior environmental performance.

Sequoia Consulting and Sustainability Institute - Singapore

The Sustainability Institute works with clients in business, government and society to raise awareness and develop sustainable enterprises that propagate innovation for prosperity and the greater good.  The institute is part of Sequoia Consulting Pte Ltd., a human and organization development consulting firm specializing in the fields of Leadership, Strategy, Change and Organizational Learning. 

Sustainability Dashboard

This highly accurate tool, with a cost of only 5% of comparable products makes it a great solution for companies of all sizes, as well as those with multiple sites to track.  The Sustainability Dashboard offers an easy-to-use, cost-effective method to measure sustainability results and encourage behavior change.

  Sustainability Dashboard