Coping with Drought and Water Scarcity Panel Discussion

June 15, 2010


A report to the US Army Corps of Engineers by The Chronicles Group, Inc.

(Atlanta, GA) – The Chronicles Group, Inc. will be hosting a panel discussion at the Center for Strategic and International Studies on Wednesday June 16 and Thursday June 17. The panel discussion is part of the Chronicles Group RUNNING DRY project which deals with the challenges facing the planet as it relates to drought, water scarcity and international security.

Water scarcity is a challenge faced by individuals, organizations, industry, and countries all over the world. However, scarcity and drought have the potential to drive innovation and investment. While many businesses recognize the need to practice conservation and recycling practices, there is still a need for the innovative technology to help solve water scarcity issues.

“I’m one of the people that believes that for real change to occur, we are going to have to heavily involve business and industry,” said Diana Rivenburgh of Strategic Imperatives who was in attendance.

The panel discussion will be hosted by CEO & Executive Producer of the Chronicles Group, Jim Thebaut, and Erick Webb, Manager, Government Relations Office, Sandia National Laboratories. It will include 16 experts in water issues divided into three panel sessions addressing three key areas: “Trends and Projections,” “Public Policy and Management Strategies” and “Funding and Resources.”


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