Workshops & Presentations

Mega forces are transforming how we work and live in ways as powerful as those of the information age and industrial revolution.  Innovation, globalization, economic instability, environmental degradation, societal upheaval, population growth and stakeholder influence have converged to change the rules of the game.  Leading organizations see and seize this shift by converting challenges into opportunities for profitable, sustainable growth.  We will help you discover new possibilities and unleash greatness in your organization.  Our workshops show you how to:

  • Powerfully engage executives to commit to and lead the sustainable growth agenda

  • Enlist executives and managers as dedicated catalysts for change

  • Redefine your company’s vision and strategy for competitive advantage

  • Foster cultures of innovation, collaboration, excellence and responsibility

  • Engage stakeholders to turbo-charge results through commitment and creativity

Programs are tailored to your organization’s mission and goals.  Our most popular workshops include:

The Business Imperative for Sustainable Growth

Discover how to leverage sustainability for profit and innovation

Transformation to Sustainable Prosperity

Learn how to embed sustainability into your strategy and organization

Creating a Culture of Sustainable Success

Transform Your Organization's Culture to Turbo Charge Results

Harnessing the Power of Participation

Engage internal and external stakeholders for extraordinary results

Human Resources: Partners with Purpose

The Role of HR in Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability